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3 Reasons Paperless Employee Benefits Are on the Rise

3 Reasons Paperless Employee Benefits Are on the Rise

The days when you received a massive stack of paper to mull over during open enrollment time every year may be coming to an end. Each year, more workplaces are moving towards a more streamlined approach, that allows employees to review selection choices for the year online. There are a number of benefits to both the employee and the business, making it unsurprising that this convenient method of making annual selections continues to gain traction. The growing need to protect personal information and show full compliance with HIPAA and other data protection standards is crucial. When annual elections are completed online, you reduce the chance of an employee accidentally seeing private information and can even reduce the overall cost. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes the significant surge in the cost of employee benefits, which may be the most compelling reason of all for making the shift. We’ll discuss 3 key reasons why employee benefits are moving from paper to a digital format.


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