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4 Strategies to Recruit Successful Remote Workers

4 Strategies to Recruit Successful Remote Workers

Welcoming new team members is a great step to continue building your team’s success. Though it may seem like an arduous task to integrate new faces into your existing company with so many employees working from home, proper planning can ensure that you find the right candidate to further fuel your team’s success. Consider the following suggestions to help you recruit the right remote workers.

Evaluate Who You Need to Fit the Role

Be sure to have specifics on how you need to fill the role. It’s important to define the traits you’re looking for to fill the role whether it’s for an in-office position or a remote one. But it plays a bigger role in remote hiring because it specifies the key remote working traits that candidates must have. Do you believe a specific personality type will work best for this specific role? If so, specify that you in your listing to help candidates themselves determine if the fit it best.

Additionally, sometimes, remote jobs might need a specific time zone and location requirements. This usually happens when you try to have some minimum “hours of overlap” between all your team members, or if you’re trying to cover hours for support or service for a particular region where you currently have only limited availability. If this is the case, you must clearly list these out as candidates that can’t accommodate them won’t apply.

Determine a Fit For Company Culture

Determining a candidate’s fit for your company’s culture and values is challenging for any company, even if they meet their candidates face-to-face. This can be one of the biggest factors in determining future success for that candidate. However, it can be difficult to evaluate this for remote teams when all interaction is Free bets online. Regardless, it is critical for making sure quality remote hires stay put with your company.

So how do evaluate something like this? The first step is to be sure your culture and values for the company are already clearly defined. Then you can translate these ideas into assessment tests or interview questions to score candidates on. For example, define the building blocks of your team and frame questions regarding the importance of said building blocks to the candidate on a personal level.

So start by clearly identifying and defining your culture and values. It’s only after you do this that you’ll be able to evaluate your candidates on them.

The Best Way to Interview for a Remote Role

Successful vitrual interviews can work out great with some additional planning. If you typically plan multiple interviews with in person candidates, conside the same model with remote candidates. For example, consider holding an initial interview to focus on finding how aligned a candidate is with your company’s culture. You can start by asking the same questions in the same order to each candidate and evaluate that against what elements you seek in the answers. Also, plan for an interview to dive into the candidates past experience. This can even be set up to include a practical interview regarding “real work” scenarios for your team.

Taking multiple interviews also means you have a fairly long hiring period, which might not necessarily mean a bad thing in a remote hiring setup. Some remote companies are actually a little intentional about keeping hiring cycles this way and spacing out the interviews so they get to interact more with the candidates.

These approaches are just some of the ways you can create a welcoming work environment where new employees will thrive. Be sure to download our helpful checklist: How To Give Employees A Great First Week. You can also contact Innovative Broker Services at 916-932-2864 for expert advice on how to help recruit the best remote workers.

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5 Tips to Enhance the Employee Experience Beyond Health Benefits

5 Tips to Enhance the Employee Experience Beyond Health Benefits

Happy employees are more productive employees. They are more likely to stay with your company and more likely to produce top notch work while they are there. While generous health benefits are a top draw, they aren’t the only employee benefits you have available to enhance the employee experience. These benefits are easy to put in place, but hugely appreciated by the people who work for you:

Flexible Schedules

Today’s highly connected digital landscape means that it’s easier than ever for people to get the work done on a schedule that fits the rest of their lives. Offering flexibility can make your company a work-life balance winner, and help you draw highly dedicated top talent. Are you able to offer partially or fully remote positions? Can you allow employees to switch to production-based metrics and put aside the 9 to 5 mindset? The more you can offer, the happier many employees will be.

Office Amenities

Most offices have a coffeemaker and a water cooler. Step things up by adding a bank of free, healthy snacks. These offerings don’t cost much but take the edge of hunger to keep employees engaged. Fitness gear, Aziatische babe webcam nap pods or other health and wellness offerings can help burn off excess energy or recharge. 

Professional Development Opportunities

These offerings are a win-win: employees keep themselves challenged and you get the benefit of their enhanced skillsets. The best professional development programs are multifaceted. In-house trainings and workshops allow you to give uniform training that benefits everyone on the team, raising everyone’s knowledge level. Tuition reimbursement or yearly funds for educational opportunities allows team members to go out on their own to develop new skills.

Community Involvement Programs

Today’s workers are more likely to say that the values of the company where they work are important to them. Show your values by making it easy for your employees to benefit the communities where they work. Companies, for instance, can offer employee benefits that include a few days a year of paid volunteer time off so that employees can dedicate time to the causes that matter to them. Donation matching programs allow charitable giving programs to go further. 

Discount Programs

Everyone likes a chance to make their money go a little further. Partner with retailers and service providers to offer your employees discounts as a benefit of working for your company. Popular options include discounted cell phone plans, reduced price tickets to local attractions and discounts on travel needs like hotels, rental cars and plane tickets. 

Offering a range of unexpected perks is a great way to set your company apart and create a more positive and satisfying work experience. By offering employee benefits that go beyond the usual, you can keep the people who work for you happier and more likely to stick around. But, the core of a good benefit program is good healthcare offerings. Get in touch with Innovative Broker Services at 916-932-2356 to learn more about how to create a great employee benefit program.

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