4 Reasons to Plan for Your Open Enrollment Now

Open enrollment for the new year’s health insurance plans can be one of the most hectic times of year for you and your human resources department. Fourth Quarter is the time to get an early start on helping many employees have to make healthcare decision that will affect them all year long. You want to do everything you can to make your enrollment a success for the people who work for you.

Starting Early Ensures Success

The earlier you begin, the smoother your open enrollment process will be. Begin by reviewing your current insurance offerings with your broker, network partner and third-party administrator to assess your current plan’s cost and performance. This way, you can learn if there are more effective options available. Do not neglect aspects like vision and dental coverage, if your company offers these.

Make the big decisions about how you will administer open enrollment. Will only new employees or those changing plans need to submit forms, or will you have everyone update their documents? What support services will you be able to offer? The more you know early, the better your process will be.

Prepare Your Employees

Insurance can be confusing. Make sure that employees understand their options. Explain how changes might affect them and their families. Help them understand how to make the best purchasing decisions for their circumstances and needs.

You may wish to consider creating educational materials that focus on the steps involved in selecting the right plan. These materials can teach them how to evaluate factors like deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums and weighing them against other factors like premiums. You may wish to create a few examples so that people can see the implications of different plan choices in the real world.

Find a Broker to Help

Your broker and network partners are a great resource for putting together a successful open enrollment. They can help you ensure that your process meets industry standards and best practices. They can also help you assess whether the plans that you have are the best option for your employees or whether there may be a better deal that can serve the people who you work with better.

Consider a Health Fair

In some cases, hosting a health fair is the most effective way you can get people engaged in your open enrollment and ensure success for your organization. People who work for your company can get the all the information they need to make the right choice at a single location and time. You get the advantage of face-to-face contact so you can enroll employees onsite, eliminating employee confusion and saving everyone time. The health fair is also a great opportunity for health and wellness screenings, as well as education about good health practices.

These preparations can make all the difference in a successful fourth quarter. This means employees are better covered and happier with the benefits that they receive.  By getting all of the information you need early and extending resources to your employees, you can ensure that they better understand their options and can choose the right ones for them. For more information contact Innovative Broker Services at 916-932-2864. Also, check out this free guide 8 Steps to Your Best Open Enrollment Ever.

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