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Companies Prepare to Pass More Health Costs to Workers


  by Theo Francis Companies are bracing for an influx of participants in their insurance plans due to the health-care overhaul, adding to pressure to shift more of the cost of coverage to employees. Many employers are betting that the Affordable Care Act's requirement that all Americans have health insurance starting in 2014 will bring more people into their plans who have previously opted out. That, along with other rising expenses, is prompting companies to raise workers' premium contributions, steer them toward high-deductible plans and charge them more to cover family members. The changes as companies roll out their health plans
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Covered California Upholds Original Deadline – Press Release


Dear Colleagues and Interested Parties:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Line: (916) 205-8403 Nov. 21, 2013   COVERED CALIFORNIA UPHOLDS ORIGINAL DEADLINE FOR ENDING HEALTH PLANS THAT DON’T MEET LAW’S STANDARDS Strong Enrollment in New Health Insurance Marketplace a Factor in Decision SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As consumer enrollment continues to grow, the Covered California™ Board unanimously voted today to uphold its Dec. 31, 2013, deadline for health insurance companies to discontinue plans that don’t meet basic standards. The board cited that extending the deadline offers no benefit to the consumer and may create confusion about accessing affordable health care coverage through Covered California.  The
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Covered California Upholds Original Deadline – Press Release2013-11-21T15:48:33+00:00

PPACA penalty deadline could move


By Arthur D. Postal, Allison Bell The Obama administration might consider adjusting at least one Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act exchange application deadline. Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said today during a press briefing aired live on C-SPAN that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services might be working on a fix for the conflict between the PPACA individual health insurance mandate penalty and the end of the open enrollment period.. Under current PPACA public exchange program rules, to get 2014 exchange health coverage in place by Jan. 1, consumers must sign up for coverage by Dec.
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CA Maximum eligibility waiting period is 60 days


California AB 1083,(Chaptered Sept. 30, 2013)  enacts various provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) into California state law and applies these provisions to insured health plans and HMO contracts in California, effective for plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2014. Most of the provisions in AB 1083 mirror those in the ACA, but one very important difference is that California’s maximum eligibility waiting period is 60 days after date of hire rather than 90 days. Maximum 60-day Waiting Period Applies to both Small and Large Insured Plans Initially it was widely believed that California’s maximum 60-day waiting
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Another ACA requirement has been delayed


Another ACA requirement has been delayed. Read more here: And if you are curious as to what the Essential Benefits are:

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Affordable Care Act – Unsure of Personal Impact


The majority of Americans are still unsure how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will impact them. These are the findings from Kaiser Family Foundation's March 2013 Health Tracking Poll. Here are the highlights of the March poll. Affordable Care Act - Unsure of Personal Impact According to the poll, two-thirds of the uninsured and a majority (57%) of Americans overall say they have too little information to know how the Affordable Care Act will impact them. Affordable Care Act - Unaware of Medicaid Expansion & Insurance Marketplaces Generally, the public is not aware or knowledgable on the decisions states are making about ACA
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Family health care premiums exceed 20% of income


Family health insurance premiums in California went up 52 percent between 2003 and 2010 and now exceed 20 percent of income, according to a study released today. A state-by-state analysis by the Commonwealth Fund, a philanthropic research group, found the average annual family health premium in California in 2003 was $9,091, which was slightly lower than the national average of $9,249. By 2010, those premiums jumped to $13,819 in California, on par with the national average. Premiums for families nationwide rose an average of 50 percent during that same time period to $13,871. The report examines the period of time leading
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