What Business Owners need to know to protect your business, and provide peace of mind from potential $1,000/day fines


Employer Compliance

Whom is required to provide the 11 ACA notices including the new Summary of Benefits
and Coverage (SBC):

All employers who offer an employer sponsored health insurance plan regardless of number of employees,
including private-sector corporations, partnerships, and proprietorships, including non-profit corporations

When do these required disclosures need to be provided to the employees?

All new hired employees and Health Plan renewals beginning/after September 23, 2012.

Why should employers care?

  • Compliance is not optional, It is law effective September 23, 2012.
  • These requirements apply to all employer sizes, not just 50+, 100+, or more
  • Insurance Carriers do not provide these notices
  • Employers can avoid costly DOL penalties
  • Many states allow Participants and Beneficiaries to bring “bad faith” claims
    against Employers
  • Up to $1,000/day fines