How to Best Communicate Plan Changes to Remote Workers

It can be challenging to navigate your employees’ healthcare needs, costs, and plans. What is more, you may not be sure of the most efficient way to communicate changes in healthcare benefits to your staff. From the language you use to exchange information with workers to knowing how your company’s structure might be modified to best facilitate communication, it’s best to be informed and prepared when disseminating healthcare facts. Our experienced team is here to help you manage these questions and more by offering you a number of resources, from our guide: 8 Steps to Your Best Open Enrollment Ever to the following suggestions on disseminating information about benefits changes to employees. Particularly during a time when remote working is more and more common, these tips will help you make sure that all your employees are on the same page, even if you’re not always in the same office.

Utilize Multiple Channels to Share Information

The first and most important step in circulating information about healthcare benefits changes is making sure that all of your employees receive and access the updates. This may seem obvious, but as the employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all staff are informed of their current healthcare benefits in a timely manner. To do so, use multiple modes of communication to send out summaries of healthcare modifications to every employee. There are a wide variety of options to do so — webinars are an efficient way to spread information to many people at one time, emails disseminate information quickly if they are read by all recipients and corporate intranet is a convenient way to make your staff privy to company-wide changes and updates. Regardless of the strategy you use to communicate with your employees, the important thing is that everyone is aware and up-to-date on changes to healthcare benefits as they occur.

Create a Mentor System to Help New Employees Navigate Their Benefit Options

Once the healthcare benefits information has been dispersed to all employees, companies can use their existing staff structure to make sure that the information is being understood by all. To do so, it can be beneficial to put a mentor system in place wherein more senior employees — who are more familiar with the company’s healthcare system — can help explain current benefits and answer any questions that newer or less experienced staff may have. This strategy allows all employees to feel that they are part of a helpful network where their concerns will be addressed and any uncertainties resolved. It also permits older staff to make use of their company knowledge and pass it on to newer employees who are not well-versed in healthcare costs, plans, and benefits.

Have Specific Opportunities for Questions to be Answered

In order for employees to feel comfortable and confident in your company’s healthcare decisions, it is crucial that everyone has an opportunity to voice concerns and put their questions on the table. After all, if one employee has a question about the benefits offered, it is almost certain that another member of the team is harboring the same question, yet does not have the resources or the courage to speak up. To avoid this kind of undesirable situation, it is best to make sure that there are designated times and forums where employees can communicate their concerns or questions to the company’s leadership. Putting a weekly check-in meeting on the calendar or holding open office hours when employees can drop in with questions are great options that will ultimately help your team stay informed and reassured that open communication is encouraged.

Create a Culture of Openness for Remote Staff to Aid in Annual Enrollments

Lastly, in order to effectively communicate changes in healthcare benefits to remote staff, adopt an open atmosphere that puts employees at ease when navigating their healthcare plan. It is important for remote employees to feel that they are receiving the same amount of information and support as their on-site counterparts. Not only will providing ample resources and assistance to remote employees help your retention rate, but it will also promote a positive work environment where every team member is valued and well-informed. By utilizing the above information in your company, you can successfully provide details about their healthcare benefits while maintaining a positive work environment.

While these valuable suggestions provide an overview of the best ways to facilitate communication with employees about healthcare changes, you can become even more informed and effective by downloading our helpful guide: 8 Steps to Your Best Open Enrollment Ever guide. To best serve your employees and effectively disseminate information about healthcare benefits, contact Innovative Broker Services.

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