Attracting and recruiting top talent is an ongoing challenge for most organizations. It requires persistence, creativity, and almost a sixth sense to identify strong candidates and successful employees. However, once you find them it is well worth the time and effort. These recruitment strategies will help you not only find the right talent for your company but they will also attract top candidates.

Revisit Previous Candidates

When you are hiring for a position there are often several good candidates that do not make the cut for any number of reasons. When you begin seeking candidates for a similar position, consider those resumes. They have already expressed an interest in your company and are familiar with it, so it could be beneficial to reach out.

Institute an Employee Referral Program

People tend to gravitate toward people who are like them. So, it stands to reason that great employees will be attracted to other great employees. By encouraging your employees to refer candidates for employment with a referral program you can not only attract top talent but increase employee morale at the same time.

Include Peers in the Interview Process

When you are interviewing a candidate for a position, consider bringing in an employee who is already working in that position or a similar one. The reason behind this is that they will often have insight into what the position entails and can give offer information regarding day to day tasks. This way candidates know what to expect and can have a more accurate, complete view of what the job entails.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a great way to attract and find top talent. LinkedIn, for example, has a job search tool that connects employers with qualified candidates. However, don’t discount other social media platforms just because they don’t have a job section. Posting notices to your social media accounts can be very effective as well.

Provide Great Employee Benefits

There is a proven, direct correlation between employee benefits and job satisfaction. In one survey, 72% of employees who were asked about benefits said they would increase satisfaction in their job. Another survey found that over half of 50% of adults in the U.S. would leave their current position if there was another company offering better benefits. However, another study shows that 75% of employees would be more likely to remain with their current employer because of the benefits program offered. Bottom line, employee benefits matter.

Treat Applicants Like You Treat Your Customers

First impressions mean a lot. When a good candidate begins to interact with your company, you want to put your best foot forward. Simply treat applicants like you treat your customers. Be respectful, available, and hospitable. If you are running late, let them know. Give them your contact information so they can contact you with any questions later. This will speak volumes about how you value the members of your team, thus making your organization all the more attractive to prospective employees.

Finding and hiring top talent takes some effort. Just as there is a lot of competition in the job market, there are also many businesses competing to attract great employees. These recruitment strategies are proven to be effective, but they are by no means the only way to recruit successful employees. Think outside the box and find the employee who is right for your organization. Let Innovative Broker Services help you attract and hire top talent with a benefits package that fits your staff’s needs. Call 916-932-2864 to schedule an appointment and head over to our website and download the free checklist: A 10 Step Checklist to Help Make Your New Employee’s First Week Great.