Finding the hidden gem within a wide field of potential employees is a particular skill of human resources professionals, but how do you unlock the potential that is hidden within each of your current staff members? When people are fulfilled and less worried about basic human needs, they are able to spread their wings and truly allow their talents to take flight. Employee benefits are often considered the “make or break” decision between whether tomorrow’s superstar elects to join your organization, but it’s important to keep in mind the value that current staff members derive from their employee benefits, too. See how you can leverage employee benefits to boost team morale and supercharge your business results.

Provide Thoughtful (and Exceptional!) Employee Benefits

Employee benefits go far beyond simply having enough sick, personal or vacation days to maintain health and wellness. Your employee benefits should be thoughtfully considered to ensure you are hitting the right balance between value to the staff member and cost to the organization. Sometimes, the items that are most precious to staff members are not incredibly costly to the organization, which is why it is vital to stay in close communication with staff members to understand their unique needs and wants.

Offer Ongoing Education and Training Opportunities

Knowing that your organization is willing to invest in you is one of the most fulfilling feelings for staff members because it reinforces the idea that you are an individual that has growth potential to your leadership. Providing ongoing education and training opportunities could be as simple as getting paid to attend an inexpensive local event that will help a staff member move to the next level of their career or gain a new skillset. Educational opportunities are not always found in the guise of expensive or advanced degrees — sometimes a free seminar during office hours can be perceived to be every bit as valuable for staff members.

Create a Culture of Trust and Openness with Clear Communication

When your staff members trust that you have their best interests top of mind, they are more likely to share openly and honestly about their needs and desires. This starts with ensuring that your employees have a deep understanding of the employee benefits that are already being offered by your corporation, and which benefits may or may not be discontinued in the future. Maintaining these clear lines of communication allows you to make thoughtful recommendations for changes to your plans in the future, and also improves the possibility of acceptance from your teams.

Staff members particularly appreciate tools and tips that will help them get the most out of their employee benefits. This could be anything from a simple worksheet that helps staff members estimate their annual healthcare costs to a detailed explanation of benefits changes leading up to open enrollment. What is most important is that communication lines remain clear — and trust stays intact on both sides of the relationship.

Creating an exceptional employee experience starts early, by welcoming them and being able to provide clear and consistent communication around their benefits and the value involved with working for your organization. Need assistance defining appropriate benefits for your teams? Contact the professionals at Innovative Broker Services today at 916-932-2864 to see how a truly proactive relationship can work with your insurance team. Get a jump start on creating a positive experience when you download our complimentary guide: How to Give New Employees a Great First Week.