Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and the need for enhanced security, a growing number of organizations are undergoing digital transformation. Interestingly, especially for a typically administration-heavy business unit like HR, paperless operations offer significant benefits.

Advantages of Paperless HR

While the prospect of adopting paperless HR might seem intimidating, the truth is that the advantages far outweigh the inconvenience of switching. In addition to being environmentally friendly, paperless HR offers:

  • Lower costs: As the Society for Human Resource Management points out, you save considerably on the costs of paper administration. In addition, since you won’t need to store any hard copy files, you’ll save money on storage space.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Digital administration is far more efficient to manage than paper administration — and that in turn leads to increased productivity.
  • Better organization: Forbes reports that by eliminating paper files, you can organize your data far better, which makes it easier to access.
  • Better compliance: Paper administration makes it challenging to keep up with constantly changing regulations. In contrast, if you use digital administration, you can quickly implement any changes across the board and update multiple files at the same time.
  • Anywhere, anytime access: More and more organizations allow their employees to work remotely. By using a cloud-based administration application, you can ensure your people have access to the data they need — regardless of where they are.
  • Integration with other applications: Many HR applications can be integrated with other apps, which can result in more streamlined processes.
  • Ease of digital payroll: By implementing a digital solution, your payroll solution becomes more accurate and compliant.
  • Ease of backup: Digital files can easily be backed up to another location, which provides a certain level of protection in the event something happens to the originals.
  • Improved security: Hard copy files are vulnerable to unauthorized access, as well as damage due to water or fire. A paperless HR system can be protected with multi-step authentication and other advanced security measures to prevent data loss.
  • Faster onboarding of new employees: Instead of burdening new hires with stacks of paperwork that needs to be signed, you can have them complete their documentation online, which is much faster and more convenient. For more tips on how to engage new employees, download “A 10-Step Checklist to Help Make Your New Employee’s First Week Great.”

Rethink Your Processes

When you implement paperless HR, it’s advisable to rethink your processes in order to enhance efficiency. This can involve using simpler forms to reduce the amount of time needed for administration. It can also involve customizing your HR application to create processes where certain steps are automatically completed and documents are then sent to your HR manager for approval.

Now you know the benefits of paperless HR, how do you go about implementing it in your organization? For more information, contact Innovative Broker Services at 866-427-2765.