Innovative HR Solutions

We offer you 24-hour access to our online Innovative HR Solution Support Center — absolutely FREE! You have access to vital State and Federal employment laws and a database of over 2500+ questions and answers to common human resource issues. You can even download and customize Employee Handbooks, forms and job descriptions.

The HR Support Center offers you:

  • Access to a document library with copies of Employee Handbooks, Company Policies, Job Descriptions, and HR Forms.
  • The latest employment laws as well as details about laws that have been updated.
  • Summaries of both State and Federal laws that affect employers.
  • A database of questions and answers on subjects ranging from benefits and compensation, to labor relations and recruitment.
  • Articles written by HR Professionals that will provide you with tips, information and best practices to help you better manage your business and employees.
  • A glossary of commonly used HR terms and definitions.
  • A compilation of tools and information specific to Leave of Absence, Hiring, Performance Management, and Termination.

In addition to above services, we also have formed a corporate partnership with Employers Guardian, a top Human Resources Consulting company that can assist those employers looking for a more personalized or customized solution.  Contact us, or click the logo below.