We believe in the old adage that the “proof is in the pudding”. Above is a real example of how we saved one client 23.9% on their benefits budget, without watering down their coverage. You might be thinking, how are you able to do this? Because of the purchasing power of the Employer Health Coalition℠, we develop an exclusive product that combines high deductible health plans with a secondary insurance policy, but doesn’t expose your employees to large expenses like HSA’s, or employer financial exposure like HRA’s.

Instead, our Integrated Carrier Strategy℠ product utilizes the savings by moving to a higher deductible plan, and purchases an ACA compliant, fully insured secondary insurance product(think of Medicare + Medicare Supplement Plan; not GAP products).

Every client scenario is custom tailored to meet your needs, but your employees will still receive co-pays for office visits and prescription drugs – which is what they enjoy and expect from the medical plans. Best of all, this program can be utilized with all insurance carriers.

To learn more, we welcome you to review our success stories or by contacting us now for a free, customized analysis.