Success Stories & Case Studies

Trucking company located in Stockton CA

•    Cumulative cost savings of $694,010 from 2010 to Present
•    Improved benefits program in multiple areas
•    3 year rate increase average of 0% versus and industry average of 12%
•    Able to retained a competitive benefit package to attract and retain highly skilled employees
•    Peace of mind

“Working with Innovative, has provided us the peace of mind that we don’t have to worry about the ever-increasing cost of health insurance premiums.” ~Controller

Heating and Air Company located in Sacramento CA

•    First year premium savings of $48,109(29% below current) by utilizing Integrated Carrier Strategy℠
•    Improved office visit and prescription drug co-pays
•    Provided 3-year cost containment strategy
•    Improved employee understand of benefits package

“We had been with our broker for over 7 years.  The education, attention to detail, and innovation from Innovative Broker Service – I never even knew that these options existed.  Our new program provides us peace of mind and path of sustainability.” ~ Owner

Financial Services Company located in Sacramento CA

•    Cumulative cost savings of $1,667,200
•    4-year rate increase average of 2.9% versus and industry average of +12%
•    Predictable results drive from innovative cost containment strategies
•    Improved profitability
•    Easy, simple administration, and greater employee satisfaction

“From August to September, we looked at two other large/national brokerage companies.  By going through process, we realized that no one is more responsive, innovative, thorough, and provided us a more comprehensive benefits program that what Innovative Broker Services has done for us.”  ~HR Manager


Community Hospital located in Northern CA

•    Became client from a large regional brokerage, cumulative cost savings of $1.4M vs. trend
•     5 continuous years of rate stability, plan costs remain $64,771 lower when they become client
•    Improved benefits in all areas of their offering
•    Increased employee satisfaction with health plan which aided with attraction and retention efforts