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Top 3 Reasons Your Company Should Make the Switch to Paperless HR


Is your HR department still working through paper forms and attempting to capture information in spreadsheets? This not only reduces the overall efficiency of the department, but it can also create difficulties if you want to analyze the information about your business and your staff members. While HR professionals have been utilizing digital systems to improve departmental operations for years in small ways, these four reasons should convince you that it’s finally time to take the plunge to a completely paperless human resources department. From the security of your staff’s information to ensuring that you remain
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The Benefits of Paperless HR


Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and the need for enhanced security, a growing number of organizations are undergoing digital transformation. Interestingly, especially for a typically administration-heavy business unit like HR, paperless operations offer significant benefits.
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How to Limit Your Company’s Risk With Paperless HR


There was a time in the last decade when paperless offices were considered the wave of the future — bringing to mind the simplicity of having every document available whenever and wherever possible. While that vision is taking longer for most companies to implement than expected, human resources agencies have adopted this philosophy more quickly than other departments. Not only does going to a paperless HR department save effort when you’re looking for crucial details, but it also helps ensure that your business stays within government compliance on a variety of levels. See how moving to
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3 Reasons Paperless Employee Benefits Are on the Rise


The days when you received a massive stack of paper to mull over during open enrollment time every year may be coming to an end. Each year, more workplaces are moving towards a more streamlined approach, that allows employees to review selection choices for the year online. There are a number of benefits to both the employee and the business, making it unsurprising that this convenient method of making annual selections continues to gain traction. The growing need to protect personal information and show full compliance with HIPAA and other data protection standards is crucial. When
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